June 7th 2018 – Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

Are you ready to join Quiz Night XL?

TU/e @ Quiz Night XL

This year you can once again take part in Quiz Night XL on behalf of TU/e! There is room for 60 TU/e teams. Full teams consist of 5 players and will be seated together at one table.

The booking process has changed from last year; with the new system you register 1 team using your official TU/e email-address. You will receive 1 ticket which is scannable 5 times: once for every team member. More changes:


This year there won’t be free seating. During the booking process you need to select the table where you would like to be seated during Quiz Night XL. This can’t be changed anymore.


We kindly ask you to submit your teamname during the booking process. We won’t ask this again during the quiz. A team name can have a maximum of 25 characters including spaces and special characters. There’s no need to include TU/e in the name – we will automatically add this to your team name.


Every year we award Bright Future Awards to the top 3 best scoring teams with an average age of 25 years or younger. We need to know in advance if your team is eligible for this prize: please choose Yes or No from the drop down list.


As a team captain it is your responsibility to make a full team of 5 persons to participate at Quiz Night XL. Alle participants need to be TU/e student or TU/e employee: campus badges might be checked upon entry. In case of a complete no-show or less than 4 players on a team you could be charged with the ticket costs.


  • Available on June 7th?
  • Eligible for Bright Future Award?
  • Team name? (< 25 characters)


  • The person making this reservation is considered the team-captain and is responsible for the participation of their team:
  • These tickets are for TU/e students or TU/e employees only. Campus badges might be checked upon entry.
  • In case of a complete no-show or less than 4 players on 1 team you could be charged with the ticket costs.
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Quiz Night XL 2018


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Dutch Technology Week 2018 is fast approaching, and as ever, this year’s program will feature the biggest pub quiz in the Netherlands – Quiz Night XL.


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April 10, 2018

We’re very pleased to welcome professor Maarten Steinbuch back as our resident professor and co-host of Quiz Night XL 2018.


Quiz Night XL 2018 is confirmed!

April 10, 2018

It’s official; on Thursday 7 June 2018 Quiz Night XL will be returning to Klokgebouw with a 7th edition as part of the Dutch Technology Week!