May 18th 2017 – Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

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ASML Tickets

Tickets for ASML employees are available again! The available tickets are Single Tickets: you can order 1 ticket using your official ASML email-address. This will give you acces for 1 person. Make sure to make full teams of 5 people at the event otherwise we won’t have enough tables in the ASML area. Do aks your ASML friends and colleagues to join your team and let them order a ticket as well!

Please note: Quiz Night XL was sold out last year. Many people could no longer get tickets. Please make sure to check your availability before ordering a ticket to limit the amount of no shows at the event.

Parking Tickets €6,50

To limit the queues at the payment terminals you can now buy a parking ticket. At Quiz Night XL this event ticket can be exchanged for a parking ticket which can directly be used at the barrier terminal (uitrijkaart). This ticket is valid for P1: The parking garage next to Klokgebouw. This will not guarantee you a spot in P1 – you may be redirected by parking stewards if P1 is full. More info.

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