May 18th 2017 – Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

Are you ready to join Quiz Night XL? Tickets are available now!

Quiz Night XL 2017 – Sold out?!

Please pay attention: We’re sold out! But there might still be a couple of tickets available again because of cancellations… So if you still want to join keep an eye on the ticket shops to see if there are more tickets available!

Visitors: Team Tickets (5 x €10,-)

Buying a team ticket means buying 5 single tickets in one go. You have a full team now, so there will be a table just for your team. The maximum amount of players is 5 persons! If you show up with less than 5 players, the left over seats at your table will remain empty.

Visitors: Single Tickets (€10,-)

A single ticket will give you access for 1 person. If you buy multiple single tickets, it will give you access for more people. At Quiz Night XL hosts will help you to form a team with other people who have bought single tickets. Everyone buying single tickets will be mixed and matched at the event.

Invites: Corporate (Free)

A few companies and educational institutions are listed in our ticket shop. People working at one of these companies can request a free ticket using their official work email-address. Rules and ticket types are explained within the ticket shop. If single tickets are offered, make sure to mix & match to form teams of 5 persons!

Parking Tickets (€6,50)

To limit the queues at the payment terminals you can now buy a parking ticket. At Quiz Night XL this event ticket can be exchanged for a parking ticket which can be used directly at the barrier terminal (uitrijkaart). This ticket is valid for P1: The parking garage next to Klokgebouw. This will not guarantee you a spot in P1 – you may be redirected by parking stewards if P1 is full. More info. Parking tickets can be ordered together with every ticket option available – If you already ordered your entrance tickets you can use the link below.

Interested in your own corporate area?

Please contact us if you would like to join with groups over 15 people (meaning over 3 tables). We can reserve an area for you so your company will be seated together. Ticket price = €12,50 excl. VAT per person – payable by invoice. It is also possible to pre order drink tokens on the same account.

Quiz Night XL 2017