May 18th 2017 – Klokgebouw, Eindhoven

If you’re a first time visitor we can imagine you have some questions to ask! Please check these f.a.q. first. If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

Can we participate with more or less than 5 players?

There are two options for buying a ticket: “Team Tickets” (5 persons) and “Single Tickets” (1 persons). If you’ve bought a team ticket of course your team may consist of less than 5 players, but the more brains there are on your team, the more you will know! Teams with more than 5 players will not be allowed to participate. Your team-ticket offers entry for a maximum of 5 players. You don’t have a (full) team, but would like to participate? Simply buy yourself a “Single Ticket” and come to our “Quiz & Meet” area, where we will match you up with a fun team.

Will it be possible to have dinner at Klokgebouw?

We sell Vega Burgers, Pulled Chicken sandwiches and a chicken curry with rice. Price: 2 tokens = €4,40 per dish. Food is available starting at 18:00 and will also be available during the breaks of the quiz.

How much will tokens be?

Tokens are sold at €2,20 each. One token gets you a soda or regular beer. These, and many other drinks will be listed on the menu you’ll find on all tables. Please pay attention: Tokens are non refundable!

Help! Do we have a reserved table?

When you enter the main hall, several hosts will be there to welcome you and help you find your table. There are many reserved tables for companies or groups competing in our quiz, which are all situated in allocated area’s, so free seating is not an option. There are also area’s for people who are not competing for a specific company or group. If you have bought a single ticket but don’t have a (full) team, our “Quiz & Meet” hosts will gladly introduce you to other players so together you can form a full team! If you’re looking for a table that is reserved for your team, our hosts will be more than happy to help you find the right area. Alternatively, you can find your table using one of our floor plans at the entrance of the main hall.

Can I check out the Quiz without actually being on a team?

Nope, sorry. Everyone in the building is either participating as a player or working as crew. We simply don’t have the space nor the means to create an area for spectators, unfortunately.

Where can I park my car?

If you’re traveling by car, you can park in the parking garage directly next to the Klokgebouw: P1. If this parking garage has reached its maximum capacity, the parking stewards on site will assist you with directions to the nearest available parking area. Read more about parking on this page!

Where do I register my team name?

Your team name can be registered at the start of Quiz Night XL using the interactive voting system. Please note: Team names can be maximum 15 characters in length including spaces.

Quiz Night XL 2017


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